Automation Testing Services

The common pitfalls in manual testing include human mistakes, lengthy rework and delayed software releases because of the repetitive nature of tasks and often unsupervised task execution. ICT CORP with its 5 years of experience leverages the best practices in automation testing to address this shortcomings and deliver on-time testing services that help in delivering high-quality software products.

We offer the following advantages

Improved test coverage

Large data intensive applications need detailed test coverage provided by ICT CORP’s automated testing services.

Improved Time-to-market

We offer high-quality test automation services which save testing time and efforts from days to just man hours. We support parallel testing where the scripts are run on multiple devices, platforms, Operating systems and/or browsers simultaneously. We also encourage crowd testing which tests the capacity and the quality of the software product in multiple environments and with different loads.

Reduced costs

We implement our services for long-term projects, data-intensive applications, and enterprise applications where automated testing can render efficient results in lesser time which will prove to be more cost-efficient than manual testing because of lesser utilization of resources and faster turnaround.

Why ICT CORP for Automated Testing?

  • Five years of experience in core automation testing
  • Testing projects for different domain coverage
  • We house QA professionals experienced in complex projects
  • We use the most competent tools and frameworks for automation testing available in the market

Our Services include:

  • Functional (smoke) testing
  • UI testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Regression testing

For Web, Mobile, and Desktop Applications, we perform strategic development, test plan development, and planning the entire automation testing roadmap with the following:

  • Test automation feasibility study and ROI analysis
  • Test automation tool evaluation and selection
  • Test automation frameworks implementation
  • Test automation scripting and execution
  • Test result analysis and reporting
  • Test automation plan charting

Why Feasibility Study for Test Automation is important?

A premature introduction to test automation processes would only increase costs due to infrastructure usage, time taken for testing, resources, and efforts. Therefore, the experts at ICT CORP always propose starting test automation for your projects with a feasibility study.

Automation feasibility study considers the following:

  • Functionality of the application
  • Application maturity and stability over time
  • Minimal and maximum amount of automation that the project under consideration requires for enhanced performance

We will then propose an optimal approach to automation in your project and describe the expected benefits with key statistics in place.

At ICT CORP, automation testing services are offered as a standalone service or as a part of managed testing services based on the client’s requirement.

Our Automation Testing Experts use the most competitive tools in the market like,

  • Selenium
  • Robot Framework
  • TestComplete

What you can expect from our services

High coverage

With feasibility study, we determine the reach of automation coverage up to a significant percentage that is considered the most ideal limit as per industry standards. Most scenarios are covered in our automated test executions.

Customer-friendly format

We apply a keyword-driven approach to present test cases and their expected results as text records in a table or a spreadsheet. This user-friendly format offers benefits like,

  • Clarity in test coverage
  • No requirement for programming skills to understand the quality of test cases
  • Easy control over testing processes for a project manager

Broad scope

We develop scripts for both regression testing and new application functionalities.

Seamless integration

We make automation testing an integral part of your continuous delivery system and build the automation process seamlessly into your solutions.

Efficient communication

We openly communicate with your software architects, developers and manual testers to fully understand the requirements of your applications and priorities and chart down a comprehensive automated testing plan.

The Challenges addressed by ICT CORP with Automation Testing Services

Lack of Communication

We seamlessly communicate with a project team and perform exploratory testing based on experience we have in the domain and the best intended outcome.

Changing requirements that may affect multiple test cases (scripts)

To provide efficient automated testing services, we follow good practices for script maintenance, which allows us to modify internal keywords/actions without involving test scripts directly.

Large volume of regression testing to be covered quickly

We select the application areas that are most efficient and rewarding to automate and make test plans accordingly.

Large volume of test data

We address this challenge with an efficient all-round strategy that includes:

  • The application of a data-driven approach to cover the large volume of different types of test data
  • Usage of various data management tools that help streamline test data storage and avoid time-crunches

Want to leverage your testing efforts to the next level with Automation? Get in touch with us today for the best Test Automation roadmap for your enterprise.